Best Man Under the Mistletoe by Jules Bennett


This Christmas romance will blossom!

Planning a wedding with the gorgeous, sexy best man would have been a lot easier if he weren’t Chelsea Hunt’s second-worst enemy. Gabe Walsh is furious that he’s being blamed for the sins of his uncle, but soon his desire to prove his innocence turns into the desire to make Chelsea his!


Jules Bennett has proven yet again that love conquers all. Her polar opposites main protagonists will charm their way into your heart with their wit, charisma and strong-willed nature. Prepare to get lost in this wonderful story which might I add is engaging from the start. The tension slowly builds with each scene. Superb writing keeps the pages turning.

Gabe’s business image is at stake due to the crimes of his now dead uncle. Chelsea is a victim of Dusty’s online racquet. So obviously she should despise Gabe. However, a few twists keep the plot interesting when these two step onto the page together. The banter is entertaining and to say sparks fly is an understatement. Gabe and Chelsea’s chemistry is explosive and they suit each other regardless of the circumstances. 

Overall, Best Man Under the Mistletoe by Jules Bennett is a wonderfully charming holiday romance with all the right tropes to keep you hooked!

Highly Recommended
4.5 Stars


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