Texas Christmas Defender by Elizabeth Goddard



After earning the wrath of her brother, a notorious drug kingpin, Adriana Garcia has been in deep hiding on a remote Texas llama ranch. But when Texas Ranger Brent McCord manages to find her—leading her brother’s men right to her—Adriana discovers she’s a suspect in the murder of a border patrol agent. The handsome, principled ranger, whose life she once saved during a dangerous sting operation, intends to bring her in for questioning…and protection. To prove her innocence, Adriana has to trust Brent with the truth, her heart and her life. Because her brother and his henchman have the ranch surrounded, and Brent’s all that’s keeping this Christmas from turning deadly.


Adriana Garcia is hiding from her drug cartel brother only to have her location compromised when she’s accosted with a gun to her head on Christmas morning by Brent McCord, a Texas Ranger she’d helped rescue back in Mexico. She’s being accused of murder. Can Adrianna prove to the Texas Ranger that she’s innocent of all the alleged crimes attached to her name or will it be too late? Will her brother find her and kill her before she can prove her innocence? Elizabeth Goddard has never disappointed me as a reader. Her well-honed writing skills bring her characters and stories alive in such a way that you’re gripped from page one. Texas Christmas Defender is a rollercoaster, edge of your seat thriller that is bound to keep you hooked! I savored getting lost in Adrianna and Brent’s world!

Highly Recommended
4.5 Stars


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