Christmas at the Tycoon’s Command by Jennifer Hayward


Billionaire boss’s festive seduction! 

Shy Chloe Russo is dreading her first Christmas running the family business. Working with Nico Di Fiore is the last straw! Once, Nico’s kisses promised Chloe every sensual delight, until he coldly rejected her. Now he’s her very commanding, very arrogant boss!Control is paramount to Nico–after his father’s bankruptcy lost him everything, nothing will distract him from succeeding. He’s always kept a tight rein on his craving for Chloe, well aware she alone has the power to disarm him. But now, unable to deny their connection, Nico is determined to reclaim control and take Chloe as his own!


Chloe Russo is miffed Nico Di Fiore is at the helm of the company her parents created. Tasked with concocting a Christmas hit product for Evolution, Chloe sets out to prove to Nico the perfume she’d made is the perfect item to bring Evolution back on the map. However, it’ll not be easy to win her boss’s trust. But once she does, things get topsy-turvy. Old feelings are rekindled and emotional revelations are revealed, which draws Nico and Chloe together. Their passion and their mutual understanding of each other keep the pages turning. Overall, Christmas at the Tycoon’s Command by Jennifer Hayward, is an angsty, dramatic, sexy and an all out entertaining read. The well-crafted characters command attention and the electrical romance between Chloe and Nico will leave you satisfied. 

4 Stars


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