The Prince’s Fake Fiancée by Leah Ashton

37786181His princess for keeps

Playboy Prince Marko’s rebellious past hides a wealth of pain, but he’s neglected his royal duties for too long. And now that his brother and country need him, he’ll do anything to prove he’s changed—starting with a fake fiancée!

Elite bodyguard Jasmine Gallagher was hired to protect the prince, not get swept into his glamorous world, but she can’t help falling for the man behind the crown. Marko’s found a way into Jas’s guarded heart, but will he claim her as more than just his convenient princess?


This is my first Leah Ashton romance but it most definitely will not be my last. I cracked open The Prince’s Fake Fiancée and devoured the book in a matter of hours. It’s a colorful and heartwarming romantic tale and the perfect escape from a hectic day. In bullet points, here’s what made my day with this book: 

– The world building is believable. If I hadn’t known better I’d say 100% of the places described in the story were real!
The writing—it’s fluid, natural and well-layered. 
– The internal and external dialogues are engaging and vital. 
– The strong motivations portrayed by the main protagonists add depth. 

Overall, The Prince’s Fake Fiancée is enjoyable romantic goodness.

Highly Recommended
4 Stars


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