Prince’s Son of Scandal by Dani Collins


Carrying the prince’s secret heir!

For one night, reclusive heiress Trella Sauveterre throws off the fear-ridden shackles of her childhood abduction–succumbing to a sizzling seduction, she falls unexpectedly pregnant! Deeply uncomfortable in the spotlight, Trella can’t bear a high-profile pregnancy and keeps the identity of her baby’s father hidden…Then a tabloid photo of a scorching kiss implicates Crown Prince Xavier of Elazar in the scandal. He’ll do anything to claim his shock child–even kidnapping Trella! Now Xavier must legitimize his son. And it’ll be his pleasure to make Trella his royal bride!


Dani Collins doesn’t disappoint in her latest Presents romance. Prince’s Son of Scandal is a breathtaking and utterly captivating story. At last we meet Trella on a personal level and wow, her emotion-packed back-story grips your heart. The author projects her with such realism that you’re compelled to root for her regardless of the flaws she possesses. To say Crown Prince Xavier is the perfect hero for her is an understatement. This alpha male might get his way with things at some point but no way does he come off as a jerk. But the strong connections these two protagonists share run deeper than attraction. Trella is the yin to Xavier’s yang—these two complete each other. They are perfect together and I savored each time they waltzed onto the page. The scandal, the passion, the sophisticated flair of this story is entertainment overdrive. Overall, Prince’s Son of Scandal by Dani Collins is a vibrant, beautifully composed romance with a rewarding and satisfactory ending and makes the author’s Sauveterre Siblings quartet a sigh-worthy experience. 

Highly Recommended 
4.5 Stars