Hot Velocity by Elle James

33409960Operation Day Care 

Highly skilled combat veteran and former rodeo star Rex Trainor likes to be in the thick of the action. So when he’s loaned out to Homeland Security, he plans to bide his time until he can get back to the real war. He doesn’t, however, plan on Sierra Daniels, a local day-care giver whose pretty smile hides a stubborn streak more daunting than Wyoming’s Beartooth Mountains. When tragedy nearly strikes the kids in Sierra’s care, Rex vows to expose the culprit. Rex hasn’t failed on a mission yet, and protecting the desirable Miss Daniels is no exception! 

*Ballistic Cowboys

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I found Hot Velocity by Elle James to be a good, solid story that tied up loose ends from the previous Ballistic Cowboys books and which brought two unlikely people together. Though the main characters took a while to meet in the beginning, it nevertheless set the pace for the plot twists and the slow-burning attraction between Rex Trainor and Sierra Daniels who both live complicated and separate lives. However, it is the circumstances which bring them together that mellow out the internal pain they both carry as extra baggage. Both hero and heroine’s backstories will clutch at your heart. The raw emotions and the vivid scenes will bring alive a war torn country and also the rural life in Wyoming where a once quiet community is now plagued with danger. Overall, I enjoyed Hot Velocity because the characters are people who I eventually cared about in the end—they’re people who fight for love and justice and in my opinion, love and justice always wins! 

4 Stars