Navy Doc on Her Christmas List by Amy Ruttan


A snowbound reunion!

Tension between Dr. Ella Lockwood and former navy doc Zac Davenport is sky-high! All she can think about is how he once broke her vulnerable heart.

But now she’s a confident ER surgeon who’ll never let him hurt her again. And being snowed in together on Christmas Eve at Manhattan Mercy reveals his last tour of duty has changed Zac, too. But that compelling spark is still there—and one more irresistible kiss is all it takes to start healing the wounds that have held them back…


I enjoy reading reunion stories and Amy Ruttan’s Navy Doc on Her Christmas List has everything you want in a book. First of all, it’s a Christmas themed romance! Secondly it has two main characters whose lives cross after a prolonged time. The spark between Ella Lockwood and Zac Davenport is electrifying and I savored the banter between them. The storyline is realistic and the plot moves along with a bang. I was hooked from the moment Emma and Zac get snowed in at the hospital. Their past together is resurrected and the way the author builds the tension adds to that emotional build-up which hooks you. All in all, Navy Doc on Her Christmas List is a wonderful, heartwarming story where the magic of the season and love shine light on the simplest meaning of two hearts becoming one! 

Highly Recommended 
4.5 Stars