Little Secrets: Unexpectedly Pregnant by Joss Wood


Will a baby on the way reunite ex-lovers?

Three years after Tyce Latimore let Sage Ballantyne walk away, they end up back where they started—in bed. Now she’s carrying his child…and there’s no way he’s losing her again.

Tyce is tempting. Dangerous. Addictive. Sage left him for all the right reasons. But one passionate mistake could reunite her with the world-famous artist for all the wrong ones. A baby on the way ups the ante. So does an explosive secret that threatens their two families and could shatter Sage and Tyce’s precarious reunion…


Will a baby be enough to reunite Tyce Latimore and Sage Ballantyne? The steamy passion between Tyce and Sage has never burned out, even after they’d parted ways. But once again they find themselves in bed together; however, the consequence of their torrid union will test their strength and courage and determine whether they make or break their relationship for the well-being of the baby they’d created. Sage is determined to keep her baby and gives Tyce an ultimatum. 

“Take my offer to walk away. This child will be raised a Ballantyne—no one will ever have to know that he, or she, is yours. I’m giving you permission to forget about this conversation.” 

Tyce knows what he wants and will have things his way whether Sage likes it or not. He’ll claim her and their baby. The tug-o-war of emotions that pulse throughout Little Secrets: Unexpectedly Pregnant is riveting and careens in every direction. Joss Wood test her main protagonists in such a way that they have to make important decisions, but in the end, Sage and Tyce’s mind-blowing reunion is worth every trial. Ms. Wood has done a wonderful job creating a well-rounded set of characters and plot that is engaging from beginning to end. 

Highly Recommended 
5 Stars