Holiday Baby Bombshell by Karen Booth


From Rivalry to Revelry…to Romance? 

Competitive swimmer turned real estate magnate Michael Kelly is tastier than a Christmas cookie. But now Charlotte Locke’s sexy former lover is her top business rival…and the father of her unborn child. Determined to keep her professional cool, the hotel heiress hides her delicate condition from her family—and from her commitment phobic ex. Until Michael moves in next door, exposing a desire left unquenched and Charlotte’s pregnancy secret. 

Michael may not be daddy material, but losing Charlotte and their baby isn’t an option. He’ll close the deal at any cost—even if it takes a Christmas miracle to prove this playboy is reformed for good!


Karen Booth has proven once again that she knows just how to make her characters burst to life on the page! Her vivid and brilliant storytelling and her subtle humour woven into Holiday Baby Bombshell is utter beauty. I was mesmerized by the detailed prose, the high-octane drama and the fabulous protagonists who both held the promise of fun times ahead on the onset of their introductions. Charlotte Locke is a breath of fresh air. She is classy, smart and headstrong. And who could be a better match for her than Michael Kelly, her ex! The banter, the slow burning romance, Charlotte’s secret and the secondary cast made this story the most satisfying escape ever. I savored every word! 

Highly Recommended 
5 Stars