Her Pregnancy Bombshell by Liz Fielding

33245493Expecting her boss’s baby! 

Pilot Miranda Marlowe is too sick to fly her plane, and she must face the truth: she’s pregnant! She knows well enough that her boss, Cleve Finch, is still grieving for his late wife, so to think, she heads to her sister’s new inheritance, Villa Rosa.

Despite the spiders and dust, the Mediterranean palazzo is as gorgeous as ever. Until Cleve turns up with a dramatic offer: a convenient marriage as soon as it can be arranged! It may be the sensible answer…but is it enough for Miranda?


Her Pregnancy Bombshell by Liz Fielding is a story about trust, hope and the power of love. I was deeply moved by the sincere characters and thought about them even after I closed the book. What really kept me turning the pages though were the deep emotions the author layered into the story. Cleve and Miranda are two people I cared for and if you pick this book up I think you will be touched by their individual journeys too.

Cleve Finch is a wonderful and caring person even though he is a grieving widower. However, his life gets exciting when he becomes intrigued by Miranda Marlowe. He can’t help but acknowledge the slow burning fire Miranda ignites deep in his soul and he can’t shake off her vivacity which makes him want to move on with his life—at last?

Meanwhile, Miranda is the kind of woman who lights up the room and brings a smile to the faces of the people around her. She is energetic, reliable and has plenty of love to share.

Now with a baby on the way, will Cleve and Miranda get the HEA they each deserve?

Overall, this is a wonderful and touching story. It is fast-paced, engaging and the perfect treat to devour on a hot, lazy day!

Highly Recommended
4.5 Stars