A Virgin for a Vow by Melanie Milburne

VVHer innocence–exposed!

As London’s top relationship columnist, Abby Hart can’t tell anyone her biggest secret: not only is her perfect fiance entirely fictional, she is also utterly untouched. Invited to attend a prestigious charity ball with her “husband-to-be,” she throws herself upon the mercy of brooding millionaire Luke Shelverton.After his own engagement ended tragically, Luke is reluctant to take credit for Abby’s diamond ring. To protect her reputation, he agrees to a convenient arrangement. Except Abby’s effervescence kindles a fire he’s tempted to indulge… And uncovering her innocence compels Luke to initiate his temporary fiancee into all the sinful delights of the bridal bed!


Melanie Milburne’s latest release is a potent mix of angst, drama, romance and seduction. The vivid and taut writing makes the narrative come alive. Meanwhile, the characters had depth, were likable and engaging. I savored every moment of the fast-paced journey the author and her characters took me on. Abby Hart and Luke Shelverton are genuine and independent. They deserved that drool worthy happy ending after all the obstacles thrown their way. In summary, I couldn’t get enough of A Virgin for a Vow, and I believe this may very well be my favorite of all the author’s books! 

Highly Recommended 
5 Stars