The Tycoon’s Marriage Deal by Melanie Milburne

14970757669780373213771_LPA virgin’s passionate awakening…

Ruthless playboy Blake McClelland dominates in the boardroom and commands in the bedroom. So when he’s required to produce a fiancee in order to clinch the most important deal of his life, his solution is as coldhearted as Blake himself–he’ll choose a woman innocent enough to convince the world he’s a reformed man! After being jilted at the altar, shy bakery owner Matilda Toppington is in no hurry to wear another man’s ring. Blake’s cynical proposition is scandalously, shockingly outrageous–of course she should refuse! Unless Tillie dares surrender to the unknown pleasures his sinful gaze promises…


All’s not perfect in Tillie’s confection sweet life. The bills are stacking up and if she doesn’t do something about them then she stands a chance of losing something precious to her heart. It has also been three months now since she’d been jilted at the altar but even those long weeks can’t make her forget her fiancée’s deceit. What she doesn’t know—as yet—is that her life will forever change when Mr. Hot Chocolate Éclair customer returns to her bakery at a time when Tillie thinks she is over men but…things don’t always turn out the way we want them to, does it? Something sparks every time this one particular man looks at her. Can she trust her body when it comes to him? Tillie is a tad shock when her hot customer introduces himself. Blake McClelland’s his name and her thoughts of him are correct. He’s a wealthy playboy. The first time they touch—a simple handshake—it’s like ‘electrifying as a high-voltage current’. Tillie soon finds out Blake is arrogant, commanding and always gets what he wants and she has every reason to defy him. The drama which unfolds is like a daytime soap opera and keeps you engrossed. Overall, The Tycoon’s Marriage Deal oozed with sensuality and a passionate rhythm which only served to satisfy my reader heart and I think this might be my favorite Melanie Milburne book of all. The story is so perfect and the flawless, expressive writing just comes to life on the page. 

Highly Recommended 
4.5 Stars