Featured Author/ Guest Post Schedule – 2017

TBA – Beth Carpenter*
TBA – Jennifer Hayward*


1st, May – Anna J. Stewart
2nd, May – Cat Schield
6th, May – Samantha Lind (Tasty Book Tour)
9th, May – Christina Phillips (Tasty Book Tour)
10th, May – Claire McEwen (Tasty Book Tour)
15th, May – Joanne Dannon
18th, May – Stefanie London (Tasty Book Tour)
22nd, May – Michelle McLean (Tasty Book Tour)
22nd, May – Tara Kingston (Tasty Book Tour)
26th, May – Maya Banks (Tasty Book Tour)
30th, May – Ann Marie Walker (Tasty Book Tour)
31st, Cecy Robson (Tasty Book Tour)


1st, June – Rachel Harris (Tasty Book Tour |Int/Exc)
5th, June – Liana LeFey (Tasty Book Tour)
9th, June – Eva Leigh (Tasty Book Tour)
12th, June – Tif Marcelo (Tasty Book Tour)
19th, June – Debbie Mason (Tasty Book Tour)
27th, June – Gayle Callen (Tasty Book Tour)
30th, June – Sophie Barnes (Tasty Book Tour)


5th, July – Vanessa Kelly (Tasty Book Tour|Exc)
7th, July – Sarah McLean (Tasty Book Tour | Int/Exc)
20th, July – Melissa Foster (Tasty Book Tour|Rev)


Anna J. Stewart

TBA* – To Be Announced